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Established in 1982, Desert & Delta Safaris is one of the most successful safari operators in Botswana. Today we own eight premier safari properties all managed by local citizens. Our longstanding operation ensures that our properties are located within Botswana’s prime wildlife destinations famous for the diversity of experiences. At the heart of what we do as a company is offer genuine, warm hospitality delivered by local citizens empowered through our organisation.

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Book a Safari Voucher Now & Help Raise $10,000 for Local Community Projects

Join the CARES Movement by booking a safari voucher now and help us raise $ 10,000 for local Botswana community projects.  . ...

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The Sounds of Safari

Silence. A crunch. A rustle. A grumble. A snarl. A growl. A bark. A snort. A splash. A yelp. A laugh. A call. Silence How many of these sounds did you hear while on safari? And how many of these sounds did you recognize as the possible presence of...

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Camp Updates - June 2020

INTRODUCTION TO THE MONTHLY CAMP UPDATES Welcome to the first post of our Desert & Delta Safaris monthly updates. The purpose of these posts is to bring you mo...

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The foundation on which Desert & Delta Safaris is built, highlighting our core values in developing human potential and building a sustainable tourism model.

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Its' good to have an end to journey toward, but it is the journey that matters in the end Ernest Hemmingway

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