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Created in 1982, Desert & Delta Safaris is considered the most established safari circuit in Botswana. At the heart of what we do is developing the human potential of tourism in this remarkable country by offering a true wilderness experience in some of the most pristine conservation areas in Africa. Today we own eight premier safari properties all managed by local citizens. Our properties offer stunning luxury accommodation with warm local hospitality and the renowned locations in Botswana famous for the diversity of experience.

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Potential is all you need

She’s in love with her job and the whole world can see it – her positivity is infectious. She’s also currently the first and only woman guide in the Desert & Delta bush camps, currently based at

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Guest Review: Experiencing Botswana's Desert & Delta

We love receiving stories and photos from our guests who have travelled to Botswana with us. Below is a lovely account . from Kiley and Jennifer who did a five-night safari earlier this year. One of the reasons we chose Botswana as a dest...

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Predators of Moremi: A Spectacular Sighting

The Moremi Game Reserve is well known for its comprehensive protective measures in regards to the wildlife within its parameters. This has allowed for the co-existence of different species of predators such as wild dogs, lions, leopards, and hyenas t...

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The foundation on which Desert & Delta Safaris is built, highlighting our core values in developing human potential and building a sustainable tourism model.

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