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11 October 2021

Lets Celebrate Travel - Win a 6 night Safari

To celebrate the freedom to travel again we are launching an amazing competition. Travel in Africa has the ability to create so much positive change. Increasing conservation efforts and importantly uplifting and empowering local citizens. There is so much to be grateful for and to recognise this we’ll be sharing ten videos in the next 4-weeks showcasing the remarkable experiences on offer …

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1 October 2021

Desert & Delta Safaris increases its portfolio with the acquisition of Nxamaseri Island Lodge

Desert & Delta Safaris is delighted to announce a new addition to its luxury lodge portfolio. The company which is based, owned and operated in Botswana, has purchased Nxamaseri Island Lodge, increasing its stunning range of lodges and camps to a total of nine. The addition of Nxamaseri Island Lodge truly complements the existing eight lodges and camps, which comprises of

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22 July 2021

Resident Brown Hyena Spotted near Chobe Game Lodge

Chobe National Park is one of Botswana’s iconic parks. The Chobe River forms the park’s northern boundary, creating a vital water point during the dry season. Equally, it provides valuable grazing along the floodplains when the rivers annual floods recced. The riverine habitat which follows the river hosts a diversity of mammal species that are not be found in the more arid regions of Botswana…

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8 July 2021

Book a Private Island safari in the Okavango Delta

In today’s climate, the most discerning luxury travellers are seeking privacy in their African safaris. That is why we have created a brand-new exclusive-use experience in the spectacular Okavango Delta with our intimate Xugana Island Lodge. A secluded sanctuary, Xugana Island Lodge a…

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9 June 2021

Proud of our Top Achiever from Tsodilo Junior Secondary School

Desert & Delta Safaris sponsored student, Ngeepertjike Ngaruka from Tsodilo Junior Secondary School, has attained first place out of the whole of Botswana with his excellent exam results! We are proud of him for his outstanding achievements and we wish him all the best in his future studies and we can’t wait to see him continue to shine and be a part of your journey. As part of our

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7 June 2021

Top 10 Reasons why Botswana - With Us - is the Ultimate Post-Pandemic Travel Destination

The global vaccine rollout is helping boost consumer confidence. Airline schedules around the world are ramping up and the road to recovery has begun in earnest.  . We’ve heard of new terms like “Revenge Travel” pop up. The idea that after over a year in lockdown there is a massive pent up…

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2 June 2021

Chobe Savanna Lodge Reopening Special

It is with great pleasure we announce the reopening of our beloved Chobe Savanna Lodge, on the Namibian side of the Chobe River. After a period of extended closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the lodge will officially re-open it’s doors on the 15th of June 2021. In celebration of the opening of the lodge, we are offering an amazing opening special for any n…

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16 April 2021

Sleep under the stars at Camp Okavango

Earlier this year we announced the launch of our new Salt Pans Sleep-Out at Leroo La Tau as an incredible new experience on offer in the Makgadikgadi region. Leroo La Tau is not the only lodge in our circuit that has been hard at work in the lockdown. We are delighted to no…

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9 February 2021

Sleep Out under the stars on the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans

While travel remains limited, our operations team in Botswana has been hard at work refining our safari offering. We are incredibly excited to announce the launch of a new once in a lifetime experience: The Makgadikgadi Salt Pan Sleep Out. This extraordinary, experiential sleep out, under the stars on the vast Makgadikgadi Salt Pan is a truly amazing encounter. Guests staying three nights or more …

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9 November 2020

Camp Updates - October 2020

Welcome to the next edition of our monthly update bringing you news and wildlife movements from the regions we operate in Botswana. Before we get into the latest updates, please take a moment to watch our final CARES Movement video – a message of thanks to you for the support…

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22 October 2020

Thank you for joining the CARES Movement

The Desert & Delta Safaris CARES Movement was a remarkable success with over $20,000 raised for co-existence support for local communities and wildlife in Botswana! By June this year we realised the COVID crisis wasn’t going to be over anytime soon. The Desert & Delta Safaris team decided to get together to discuss how we could come up with a campaign that would not o…

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9 October 2020

We have a NEW LOOK

Welcome to our new logo and Desert & Delta Safaris branding. A fresh, modern feel in keeping with the evolution of the company over recent years. When it comes to the luxury safari sector, our group has one of the largest proportions of local citizens in senior positions in Africa. We consider ourselves first and foremost an organisation empowering the people of Botswana, through wildlife-base…

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28 September 2020

The Northern Pride of Savute

Through the downturn of travellers in Botswana, our operations teams and camp staff have maintained a presence in our camps and continue to enjoy the prolific wildlife our guests would normally experience on safari. Walter Smith, our Operations Director recently spent quality time at Savute Safari Lodge. He got out on a game drive to check on the Northern Pride and sent us these specia…

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16 July 2020

Book a Safari Voucher Now & Help Raise $10,000 for Local Community Projects

Join the CARES Movement by booking a safari voucher now and help us raise $ 10,000 for local Botswana community projects.  . The Covid-19 crisis has crippled the world economy and travel & tourism is one of the worst affected industries. In…

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17 June 2020

The Sounds of Safari

Silence. A crunch. A rustle. A grumble. A snarl. A growl. A bark. A snort. A splash. A yelp. A laugh. A call. Silence How many of these sounds did you hear while on safari? And how many of these sounds did you recognize as the possible presence of one of the fantastic animals you came to see? There are many ways for you to enhance your safari experience. One of them is learning what to liste…

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17 June 2020

Camp Updates - June 2020

INTRODUCTION TO THE MONTHLY CAMP UPDATES Welcome to the first post of our Desert & Delta Safaris monthly updates. The purpose of these posts is to bring you monthly updates and behind the scenes stories from our camps and lodges. We will focus on relevant topics such as water level updates in the Oka…

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27 May 2020

All-Round Action

Mana Meadows recently visited Leroo La Tau and spoke to stalwart Desert & Delta Safaris staff member Action on creating a combination safari in Botswana. Here’s what he had to say.

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13 May 2020

On the mokoro with Slade

If you’ve been to Xugana Island Lodge in the last year, chances are you won’t forget meeting “Slade” – the softly spoken giant with the serene smile who is as passionate about the Okavango Delta as he is about guiding. We know lots of you want to hear from Slade so we caught up with him recently at Xugana. Writer and photographer Mana Meadows met up with Slad…

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4 May 2020

Getting to know “Chef Maggie” at Savute Safari Lodge

Famed for being able to remember names and faces of all guests who pass through camp (no easy feat in a big and busy camp like Savute Safari Lodge) – Chef Maggie is shy but assertive – her bright smile warming you up as soon as you meet her. Margaret Makgetho started with Desert and Delta Safaris in October 2007 – moving from the laundry and housekeeping departme…

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14 April 2020

The Bandit Boys of Moremi

Botswana’s very own – Ghost and the darkness You may have watched or at least heard about the gripping story and movie of two man-eating lions in Kenya’s Tsavo region in 1898. Well, the two lions in the story to follow are certainly not famous for the same reasons but our Marketing Manager, Andrew, has nicknamed them after the movie title as a result of a few ‘bone-c…

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7 March 2020

Celebrating International Women's Day with Chobe Game Lodge

Our business is all about the way Desert and Delta Safaris CARES. Today on International Women’s Day, we are focusing specifically on the ‘E’ from CARES: EQUALITY. Women play a pivotal part in the success of any business and we are so proud of our empowerment initiatives, we have Africa’s first and only all-women guiding team at Chobe Game Lodge. Our drive towards empowering women in th…

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7 February 2020


On the 10th January 2020 – Florence Kagiso (Chobe Game Lodge) and Ernest Chaba & James Wilson (Desert & Delta Safaris) headed for the United States on their first #ResponsibleTravelTour. Their mission was to spread the word about the real positive impact of tourism in Botswana when it c…

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3 January 2020

Potential is all you need

She’s in love with her job and the whole world can see it – her positivity is infectious. She’s also currently the first and only woman guide in the Desert & Delta bush camps, currently based at Camp Xakanaxa. Leeng Lynn Tebalo talks to us about her experiences of entering this male-dominated arena, and how your attitude is e…

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3 January 2020

Guest Review: Experiencing Botswana's Desert & Delta

We love receiving stories and photos from our guests who have travelled to Botswana with us. Below is a lovely account . from Kiley and Jennifer who did a five-night safari earlier this year. One of the reasons we chose Botswana as a destination was for the variety of environments and the opportunity to see different concentrations of animals in different places. The quality of the cam…

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8 November 2019

Predators of Moremi: A Spectacular Sighting

The Moremi Game Reserve is well known for its comprehensive protective measures in regards to the wildlife within its parameters. This has allowed for the co-existence of different species of predators such as wild dogs, lions, leopards, and hyenas to name a few. On the 15th of May, the Desert & Delta Safaris guides team spotted a special sighting in the Xakanaxa area. Several different pre…

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8 November 2019

Guiding is not only about guiding

Ishmael Mogamisi is passionate about two things: guiding, and teaching – so we’re really glad he decided to combine the two and lead a new generation of Desert and Delta safari guides. He talks to us about guiding – and what it takes to be a great guide.

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30 October 2019

On the move with Ernest

Ernest Chaba is always on the move. His flexibility and ability to think quick and on his feet have meant he’s an ideal candidate for moving between the Desert and Delta camps, problem solving, training new managers – and relief managing when needed.

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18 September 2019

Intoxication by large beasts

Guest writer Mana Meadows goes on a walking safari with Camp Xugana’s head guide Batanani “Slade” Mmegwa and wonders if her Monday mornings will ever be the same again.

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4 September 2019

Roots in the delta, heart in Boteti

Meet Olepeng Maitapiso –or simply “Ollie” who hails from a town deep within the Okavango Delta and has been with Desert and Delta for over twelve years. By Mana Meadows. Ollie’s roots may be buried deep amongst the wetlands and lily pads of the Okavango Delta but his heart is with the dry scrubland of the Boteti region, a little-explored wilderness which he is proud to call ho…

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4 September 2019

Pel's Fishing Owl - A sighting to remember

A sighting you didn’t even know was on your bucket list until you see this! BB – the manager at Xugana Island Lodge recounts seeing a very special sighting of a Pel’s fishing Owl fighting off a baby crocodile for a fish. “Bird watching is like stamps collecting –you don’t really appreciate it until you already have some stamps in your collection to admire and compare(Rael and Helene…

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4 September 2019

Big feelings with Baba, stalwart of Savute

Can a landscape make you who you are? Ngande Shimwe, more fondly known as “Baba”, the big man with the even bigger heart and one of Desert and Delta’s most well-loved guides says Savute has given him everything he has. Guest post by Mana Meadows “I feel I’m part of the landscape. I feel I’m part of the wildlife also.” Known for his special relationship with the Marsh pri…

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14 June 2019


At the annual We Are Africa travel show in Cape Town last month, which brings together the best and the brightest from the African tourism industry and worldwide partners, two of our people walked away winners at the Innovation awards. Gorata Nyame from Savute Safari Lodge and Albert Ndereki from Chobe Game Lodge won the Rise Africa and the Shape Africa awards, respectively. Gorata’s Rise…

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4 July 2018


Our latest guest blog feature is by Walter Smith who visited Camp Xakanaxa where he and his family enjoyed the sighting of a lifetime involving a lioness, her cub and a pack of wild dogs. This past weekend I had the opportunity to visit the Moremi Game Reserve with my family and we enjoyed our stay at Camp Xakanaxa immensely. We took a drive to Paradise Pools as we …

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