A Natural Symphony

A Natural Symphony: The Annual Ballet of Water and Floods in Botswana’s Delta

Welcome to Botswana’s Okavango Delta, where nature choreographs an extraordinary annual spectacle. Nestled in the heart of southern Africa, this unique ecosystem transforms into a watery wonderland each year as the floods of the Okavango River breathe life into the landscape. Join us on a journey to explore the annual movement of water and floods in the delta, where nature’s ballet unfolds in harmonious splendour.

Act 1: The Arrival (November – April)

As the dry season wanes and the relentless African sun gives way to the arrival of summer, the Okavango Delta awakens with anticipation. Far away, in the highlands of Angola, the Okavango River swells with the rains, setting in motion a magnificent chain of events. The waters embark on a journey that will transform the barren lands of Botswana into a vibrant oasis.

Act 2: The Infiltration (May)

The first act of this natural ballet begins as the Okavango River reaches the delta’s fringes. Like delicate brush strokes on a canvas, its meandering channels spread across the land, seeking to infiltrate every nook and corner. The river’s waters encounter a series of floodplains, lagoons, and intricate networks of reeds, providing shelter and sustenance for an array of wildlife.

Act 3: The Flood (May – June)

As the river reaches its peak, the dance escalates. The floodwaters cascade into the heart of the delta, transforming vast stretches of arid grasslands into a vast aquatic paradise. Channels once dry become deep, winding tributaries teeming with life. Animals, both great and small, anticipate this annual deluge, reveling in the abundance it brings.

Act 4: The Symphony of Life

The arrival of the floods is not merely a spectacle for the eyes but a symphony of life. Aquatic plants flourish, creating floating gardens that become feeding grounds for the bountiful birdlife and grazing areas for antelope. Fish, frogs, and crocodiles bask in the newfound abundance, while elephants wade gracefully, using their trunks as snorkels to navigate through the submerged terrain.

Act 5: The Ballet’s Grand Finale (June – October)

As the dry season returns, the floodwaters begin their gradual retreat, marking the ballet’s final act. The once-waterlogged plains, now enriched with nutrients, support a spectacular profusion of grasses, sustaining an expanse of wildlife.

Botswana’s Okavango Delta and its annual movement of water and floods are a testament to nature’s resilience and harmony. This vibrant ecosystem, with its ever-changing stages, provides a haven for countless species, nurturing a delicate balance between land and water. As we witness this remarkable ballet unfold year after year, we are reminded of the intricate interconnectedness of our planet and the beauty that emerges when humans and nature coexist.

Whether you want to visit during the arrival or the grand finale, our lodges at Desert and Delta are front-row seats to one of the most unique natural occurrences found on earth.

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