Gathering at the Waterhole

Gathering at the Waterhole or in this case, Lagoon

We are always talking about the abundant herds of Elephants in Botswana, these gentle giants are everywhere. Their significance to us however is not their numbers, it’s about the imprint that an Elephant leaves on us.

We have the fierce spirit that comes with being a pride of lions, like a pack of wild dogs we passionately clan together but our true African spirit animal is the elephant. Nurturing, caring and committed to one another and our guests. Extending our trunk to better help our community and with a memory that lasts a lifetime.

Our herd came together in January 2023, not only to celebrate our achievements but to remind ourselves what being part of a larger family with a commitment to our guests and our planet truly means.


Our team, in anticipation, passionately traversed across Botswana following their own corridors to Camp Xakanaxa: located in Moremi Game Reserve on the banks of the Khwai River overlooking the Xakanaxa Lagoon. Here Desert and Delta held its Managers AGM to celebrate 2022 by coming together and reflecting on the outstanding achievements of our teams over the past year. The theme was “Attention to Detail and Consistency”, two pivotal areas that provide the cornerstone for a guest’s ultimate safari experience.

Testing the elephant’s memory, we spent time reflecting on 2022 remembering all the successes, challenges and opportunities our greater herd experienced throughout the season at their various camps and locations.

Learning from one another is essential. It takes small steps to survive in an ever-changing world and the knowledge shared by those who have the same goal is part of our evolution. A matriarch shares her knowledge of basic survival skills with her calf, and the calf shares this with generations to come. Small evolutionary changes occur and elephants adapt to survive their ever-changing environment.


Our gathering at the waterhole ended with some exciting Awards and we are delighted to announce the winners in the following categories.

The Bull: Service Excellence

This award went to the camp that had the best feedback overall as rated by our guests.

This award went to the Bull in our Herd, a protectorate: Leroo La Tau

The Matriarch: Operations and Camp Maintenance

A vital part of running successful camps is ensuring that everyone from all departments works as a team, thus helping us as a company achieve our goals from both a guest experience and an environmental impact perspective.

This award went to our most Matriarchal Elephant: Xugana Island Lodge

The Allomother: The Over Achievement Award

We had one overachieving camp in 2022 that not only took home the prize of the most curio shop sales but also managed to win prestigious marketing awards for best content contributing guide and highest-rated Trip Advisor scores.

These awards went to our Allomother, the mother who not only focuses on her own calf but cares for others: Savute Safari Lodge


We were grateful to the teams who made this event possible. Our herd is ready, now more than ever, to welcome our guests to our winding waters, wild grasslands and silky sunsets.

After an eventful few days, our teams returned back to their lodges with happy hearts. We’re looking forward to 2023.

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