Reimagining Luxury Safari: Savute Safari Lodge

Savute Safari Lodge’s Spectacular Rebuild in the Heart of Botswana

Desert & Delta Safaris, Botswana’s most established luxury safari company, is thrilled to announce plans for the complete rebuild of Savute Safari Lodge. For over 25 years, Savute Safari Lodge has been a highlight for travellers seeking unforgettable safari experiences within the Desert & Delta Safaris circuit. The new lodge promises to honour this legacy while continuing to elevate the Desert & Delta Safaris luxury safari standards.

Each guest room has been designed to offer breathtaking views of the infamous Savute Channel. The accommodations feature a combination of natural thatching and canvas, providing a stunning natural look and excellent insulation during the hotter months. For the first time, private outdoor showers have been introduced into a Desert & Delta lodge, offering guests the opportunity to experience the magic of a starlit shower or to cool off after an exhilarating morning on safari.

One of the highlights is the main area, which has been carefully designed to prioritise views over one of the most dramatic waterholes in Botswana. An elevated deck with central fireplace leads down to a sunken hide, allowing guests close-up and eye level encounters with the prolific wildlife of Savute. This waterhole has been featured in world-renowned wildlife documentaries, including National Geographic’s Savage Kingdom and BBC’s Planet Earth series, where scenes have captured battles between rival predators and huge congregations of thirsty elephants. It offers one of the best “in-lodge” wildlife experiences in Africa.

The sophisticated, yet simple interior décor, blends elements of a traditional safari lodge with a clean, contemporary feel. The colour palate draws inspiration from the dramatic contrasts of the Kalahari, blending earthy greens and the vibrant colours of the life-giving rains.

Commenting on this momentous occasion, Desert & Delta Safaris Managing Director, Matthew Johnson, expressed his excitement, stating, “The rebuild of Savute Safari Lodge is an incredibly exciting project for us. Savute is such an iconic safari destination, and the new Savute Safari Lodge will offer guests a front row seat to the wildlife of the unique and mysterious Savute from an extremely comfortable and stylish lodge. The design and style is distinctly different to other lodges in the Desert & Delta Safaris circuit, ensuring each lodge exhibits its own unique character while upholding its commitment to local empowerment and warm, friendly, and professional service.”

Savute Safari Lodge re-opens to guests on the 1st of June 2024. >> Book now

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