Simple Luxuries That Challenge Your Imagination


In the heart of Botswana’s untamed wilderness, an unexpected journey awaits in a myriad of numerical wonders. From skies cloaked by starlight to thousands of dotted blacks, whites and pinks viewed from thousands of meters above the pans.

Our experiences aren’t all about quantity however, quality is what we aim for at Desert and Delta Safaris and we believe we’ve curated one of the most out of this world experiences a safari in Botswana has to offer.

Imagine being surrounded by silence and solitude, the Leroo La Tau sleep-out experience on the Makgadikgadi salt pans is fast becoming one of the most sought-after experiences for safari travellers in Botswana. Stripped-back luxury welcomes guests with a comfortable ‘bedroll,’ comprising a duvet, pillow, and extra warm blankets—a cozy haven to seek solace under the vast expanse of the desert night sky. Picture a romantic evening cozily nestled & snug under starlight with nothing but your person – no distractions, absolutely no one else – how rare is that on this earth? Adding to the magic, a delectable bush menu is traditionally prepared and cooked around an open fire, offering a delicious culinary experience under the twinkling stars.

This activity is available from June to October, coinciding with the transformative dry season. As the wetlands evolve into a pristine white salt, you’ll be spellbound by this planet at its purest. With boundless horizons stretching before you and an awe-inspiring night sky above, prepare to be utterly hypnotised by the stunning starry spectacle that unfolds.


But that’s not all. The Makgadikgadi helicopter experience also presents the opportunity to explore the iconic Kubu Island—a mystical destination composed of Gondwanaland Rocks, towering baobab trees, and ancient remains of civilisations past. Adventure seekers can witness the incredible zebra and flamingo migrations from the air. Depending on the rains, between February and July, the massive flamingo colonies in the Sua Pans area come to life, offering a breathtaking sight you will never forget.

The helicopter adventure offers year-round sightings of the zebra migration. During the dry season (May to November), you’ll witness zebras congregating along the Boteti River on the flight back to the lodge. In the green season (December to April), they gather in mesmerising herds across the pans while traveling to or from Kubu Island—an incredible sight to behold.

From the ethereal sleep-out beneath the starlit expanse to the thrilling aerial encounters with wildlife migrations and the mystique of Kubu Island, this safari adventure will etch indelible memories in your heart.