Botswana: A Compassionate Matriarch of Solo Travel

Has Botswana been calling?

Have the trumpets of Botswana been echoing in your dreams? It means Africa is calling.

If a 2023 African Safari is at the top of your Wishlist, you’ll have been lusting over breathtaking savannas, safaris, cultures and deltas.

Have you been begging your herd to follow you into the grasslands of Africa with no response and the thought of adventuring the unknown alone is just too daunting?

Well, here is a secret Botswana is a perfect place for a solo traveller because Desert & Delta is Botswana’s most fierce matriarch in the animal kingdom – you guessed it, the bedrock of the elephant family. And with a matriarch in charge, you’re always safe and never alone unless you wish to be.

Here are a few reasons why solo travel to Africa is as simple as accepting Africa’s calls and clicking the book button:


With her protective instinct, a matriarch will never let you wander alone. She’ll tell you stories and prepare you for the amazing moments you’ll encounter along your journey, leading you to 6 lessons you’ll never forget about travelling alone:

  1. Different Doesn’t Mean Dangerous
  2. People are always welcoming
  3. Solo Travel Doesn’t Mean you’re alone
  4. You can make your dreams come true
  5. The world isn’t as big as it seems
  6. Live in the moment


The Allomothers

From the moment you arrive in Botswana, you join our herd. Just like human teenagers, younger female elephants in the herd take turns watching over the calves (known as ‘allomothering’). As a Matriarch, it is our responsibility to prepare our Allomothers (9 camps) for your arrival in Botswana. Our mini herds are always ready to extend their trunks and make each step of your journey feel like you’re meeting your long-lost family.

Arrive at our first camp and enjoy a drink at the very first watering hole – our “allomothers” never forget and never miss a beat because they’ve already told the next camp what your favourite white wine is and that is only the beginning.


When you’re part of the the herd.

With years of discovering these lands, and an unforgettable memory, a Matriarch will always lead her herd to safe spaces.

With such a rich history, the people of Botswana have a fierce love and pride for their heritage and country. They invite travellers with wide open to share and celebrate the beauty of their nation.

This is why our little landlocked Botswana was ranked as the 4th safest country on the Global Peace Index to travel to in Africa and 48th globally. With just under 40% of Botswana’s landmass dedicated to National Parks & Wildlife reserve areas, wildlife is everywhere and so is our herd. It is no surprise when articles vote Botswana as the safest country in Africa to Safari because most of our land is dedicated to the wilderness.

So, with little reason to delay your next adventure around the sun, answer the calls and book now.