Bird Enthusiasts

The arrival of summer sees the influx of a large variety of migrant birds from the northern hemisphere which use Botswana – and more specifically the Okavango Delta – as preferred areas for breeding and feeding.

The first migrants arrive during September. They will all have arrived by December, which increases Botswana’s bird population by 20% compared to the winter months. The period from December to March is very active and the colours, especially with the birds in breeding plumage displaying, are spectacular.

The Okavango Delta is a birders’ paradise, which entertains both the experienced ornithologist and the eager amateur. One of the highlights of the birding calendar takes place during September–October, when the Carmine Bee-eaters arrive from Central Africa and are often seen in their hundreds on the Savuti Marsh. Interestingly, they make use of the large Kori Bustards, by riding on their backs as they move through the grass of the marsh and kick up fleeing insects, which are then caught by the bee-eaters.

Another highlight is the heronry at Gadikwe Lagoon, which provides nesting sites for hundreds of birds. (The Gadikwe Lagoon is situated between Camp Moremi and Camp Okavango and/or Xugana Island Lodge, and is a highlight for guests taking the boat transfer between the lodges.)

Owing to the heronry being shared by a variety of species it is active from July to March and is busiest from September to December, when breeding colonies of herons are joined in the shallows and among the low trees and swamp-fig thickets by Marabou, Yellow-billed and Saddle-billed Storks, Sacred Ibis and several species of egret. Flapping, noisy and colourful breeding displays can be enjoyed at close quarters (although we maintain a 50 metre exclusion zone).

COVID-19 Travel Information

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a marked impact on how we travel. The international borders into Botswana are open and our safari camps & lodges are ready to welcome you on safari.

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We've put together a list of frequently asked questions to help you better understand what a safari to Botswana is all about and to help you better prepare for your vacation.

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What to bring

With the long haul travel and luggage restrictions on the light aircrafts in Botswana, careful planning is essential. We have put together a list of what to bring on your safari to Botswana

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An exciting element of your Botswana safari is getting around. All Desert & Delta Safaris camps are connected by light aircraft transfers operated by Safari Air.

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Botswana is the ideal destination for your ultimate family safari. Before you travel, there are important requirements which you need to adhere to when travelling with minors.

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Health and medical requirements are an important consideration when planning your Botswana safari. t is each guest’s sole responsibility to ensure that he or she has had all necessary inoculations, immunisations and medications prior to departure.

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The Botswana landscape changes dramatically through the various seasons in the year with each season offering unique and special safari encounters. We've put together a simple guide to help you plan when to travel.

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Landscape & Wildlife

Arguably one of Africa’s best safari and wildlife destinations, Botswana offers vast tracts of unspoilt wilderness’s covering a variety of unique ecosystems, coupled with prolific wildlife encounters throughout your safari.

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