Introducing Specialist Guiding: An Extra Special Safari Experience 

Specialist Guiding adds an extra touch of privacy and exclusivity to our safari adventures, catering to the needs and desires of special interest travellers, celebrities, and families with specific goals in mind.

At the heart of every adventure we undertake, it is you who gives life and purpose to our journey. Whether it’s the thoughtful ambience of our lodges, the special amenities we provide, or the countless ways to explore Botswana uniquely — be it through game drives, boating, or helicopter rides — our commitment remains steadfast: to ensure the utmost satisfaction for all travellers.

We pride ourselves on our meticulous attention to detail, striving to make each guest feel not just welcome, but truly cherished, indulged, and cared for. Still, we continuously seek to elevate our services, offering a variety of ways to enhance your safari experience with us. One such way is through Specialist Guiding.

What is Specialist Guiding?

We have an incredible team of guides at each of our camps, many of whom have been with the company for decades. Among this group, we have selected a handful of experts whose services can be booked as specialist guides. The specialist guiding program is a full-service offering for you as a traveller. Your specialist guide is with you every step of the way through your full Desert & Delta Safaris itinerary.

Those who have ventured on safari before understand the pivotal role a guide plays in shaping the overall experience. It’s often a connection that goes beyond mere acquaintance, sometimes even blossoming into lasting friendships. Opting for a specialist guide on any Botswana safari presents a remarkable opportunity to enhance the value of your existing Desert & Delta Safaris itinerary.

Why Request a Specialist Guide?

Booking a specialist guide offers you the chance to tap into your host’s expertise and years of experience. Having one guide accompany you throughout your Desert & Delta Safaris journey also fosters a personal connection and adds to a sense of effortless travel. 

Who Might Benefit From This Offering?

Special Interest Travellers:

Are you an avid birdwatcher, professional photographer, star enthusiast, or entomologist? Or are you journeying to us with a very specific game-viewing experience in mind? We’ll pair the best Specialist Guide with you, according to your specific needs and travel goals. Our guides are adept at catering to a wide range of focused interests.

Guests Seeking Extra Exclusivity:

For those seeking a truly personalised and exclusive experience, this option is ideal. It offers the opportunity to intimately connect with nature, and those who understand its nuances best, at a profound level.


Having a specialist guide throughout your journey with us is an ideal way to guarantee families the safari experience of a lifetime. This ensures that both the children and our knowledgeable guide can bond, creating cherished memories. Plus, parents can sit back and relax, knowing that their little ones have the freedom to ask, gawk and simply be free. 

Meet Our Specialist Guides: 

Isaac Mpuchane:

Meet Isaac.

Isaac is a phenomenal guide with over a decade of experience guiding through Botswana’s renowned wildlife areas, including the Chobe River, Savute region, Makgadikgadi and much more. 

Quick Facts:

  • Isaac spent several years working in Chobe, honing his photographic skills as a specialist photographic guide on the Chobe River, one of Africa’s wildlife photography hotspots. 
  • Isaac combines exceptional knowledge in photographic skills with patience and a passion for sharing his knowledge.
  • He is comfortable hosting top wildlife photographers in vehicles or boats, positioning you to take full advantage of the subject while predicting the movement and behaviour of the wildlife.
  • Isaac can also assist amateur and intermediate wildlife photographers by helping them develop skills and refine their choice of settings. 
  • Isaac’s main set-up is Canon, but he also has a strong handle on all Nikon gear, plus a basic understanding of Sony and other brands’ equipment. 

See Isaac’s profile on Instagram: @isak_naturephotography 

Londani Stayfree “King”:

Londani Stayfree King, known simply as “King”, has been a professional guide for over 10 years. King’s passion for walking safaris has led him to hone his skills as a specialised walking guide. 

Quick Facts:

  • Equipped with weapons training and a Lead Trails guide qualification from BQA (Botswana Qualification Authority), King ensures the safety of his guests while exploring the wilderness, allowing you to connect intimately with nature. 
  • Guests looking for a deeper understanding of tracking or a chance to explore more of the wilderness on foot are ideally suited to booking King. 
  • Whether exploring our walking-based camps or planning extended walking safaris, King tailors each adventure to the region’s unique offerings. 
  • King is also an excellent choice for any combination of the regions within our circuit and his exceptional communication skills make him the perfect guide for families and small groups from around the world. 

Mathale Mosheti (Metal): 

Metal is a remarkable guide with over 15 years of guiding experience. He is an incredible ambassador for Botswana, its wildlife, history and rich culture. 

Quick Facts:

  • Known in the industry as “the Professor,” Metal has an in-depth knowledge of the ecosystems within Botswana. He can provide intricate information for guests interested in anything from geology to entomology. 
  • Metal’s ability to quickly understand the needs and expectations of his guests and fine-tune their experience accordingly is what makes him such an exceptional specialist guide, ensuring all his guests have the perfect safari in Botswana. 
  • Metal is the birdwatching expert and is recommended for any birding clients. 

How To Book A Specialist Guiding Experience: 

It’s easy to book a specialist guide to be part of your Desert & Delta Safaris experience. Ask your travel agent to enquire with our team which of our specialist guides would best suit your needs. We’ll match you with the perfect guide, explain the costs involved and provide you with a comprehensive profile of your specialist guide so you can get to know them in preparation for your trip.