The Great Return Of Our Makgadikgadi Salt Pans Experiences

Come 15 June, you’ll have another epic adventure on offer when visiting us. Our Makgadikgadi Salt Pans Experiences will again be open until 31 October, solidifying the small yet brilliant window that allows us to bring you to what feels like the meeting point between Earth and the sky.

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What Is A Makgadikgadi Salt Pans Sleep-Out?

Imagine a seemingly endless expanse of flat, white salt that stretches as far as the eye can see. The landscape is stark, surreal, and utterly captivating. During the dry season, the pans are blindingly white under the African sun, creating an almost lunar-like environment.

This place is so remote that both sound and light pollution are non-existent, an experience described by many as life-changing. Isaac Mpuchane, one of our specialist guides with over a decade of experience, went so far as to describe this event as the one that has claimed his heart and soul above all others.

Beyond just passing through, we invite you to Sleep-Out under a blanket of stars. From Leroo La Tau, you’ll be whisked away to a remote salt pan in the southern area of the Makgadikgadi Pans, with nothing more than a cosy bed between you and the vastness.

Alone With Nature:

It’s essential to understand that this experience is deeply rooted in nature. You’ll be sleeping under the open sky, with no tent provided. We offer a comfortable setup with bedding, blankets, and a bonfire for warmth, but there’s no running water or WiFi. You’ll be disconnected from technology, embracing nature fully. In case of emergencies, we provide a satellite phone to contact camp or emergency support.

That said, in true Desert and Delta style, even the most stripped-back experiences in nature retain elements of opulence. This is a safe and fully guided excursion, with our Leroo La Tau team on hand to help set up camp, prepare meals, and ensure that on departure, your remote sleeping place is as untouched as you found it.

Rest assured, where you’ll sleep is carefully chosen to ensure safety. The pans are devoid of wildlife due to the lack of water and vegetation here. You won’t encounter snakes, scorpions, or large predators, and mosquitoes are rare.

Despite seasonal temperature changes, the awe around our Sleep-Out experience remains consistent. For optimal stargazing and photography, consider visiting during newer moon phases. Cooler temperatures are experienced earlier in the season, from June, but the exhilarating cold air and warming sunrise offer a unique African experience. September to October is ideal for those avoiding winter’s kiss.

Our Salt Pan Sleep-Out is inclusive to all our Leroo La Tau guests staying three nights or more. However, it is subject to availability and is weather-dependent. The journey requires a minimum of two people and can accommodate up to six. Larger groups can be accommodated on request.

While we aim to accommodate all guest requests, your Sleep-Out experience will be determined on the day unless you opt for a private activity surcharge.

Your accommodations at Leroo La Tau will be reserved for you. Feel free to leave your valuables in the safe or with the management and pack lightly for the overnight experience. As space in the expedition vehicle is limited, you need to pack light. We suggest bringing a light foldable duffle bag or daypack in your main bag, which can carry your toiletries and overnight things.

Elevate The Incredible: 

As always, when travelling with us, additional elements of exclusivity can elevate the already incredible. For example, the total drive time to the Pans is between 3 and 4 hours, depending on the time of year. This transport is included in the original offering.

Alternatively, cast your eyes towards the sky and wait for your helicopter transfer. It takes 30 minutes and offers a birds-eye-view perspective of the land—simply unmissable.

For the ultimate experience, request a Private Pans Sleep-Out with a helicopter transfer both ways (the helicopter will remain overnight). Surcharges apply to helicopter transfers and private requests.

Options Galore:

If you’re keen on exploring the salt pans but prefer not to stay overnight, you can opt for a day trip to Nxai Pans. This option lets you witness the pans and experience the desert wildlife ecosystem. This is an all-year option, too, perfect for guests who are travelling during months that we are not operating Sleep-Outs. Guests staying at Leroo La Tau for three nights or more can enjoy this experience at no extra cost.

You can also book a 60-minute Scenic Helicopter Flight for an additional fee. To get the moonscape scene, you will land on the vast salt pans (seasonality dependent). It is so flat you can even see the curve of the Earth. Plus, between March and May, you’re likely to witness seemingly endless flocks of flamingos in their thousands, and a land rich in colours, shapes, and patterns like something from another planet—beautiful scenes not available from the ground.

Adventure Is Calling:

We’re passionate about bringing you as close to nature as possible in completely unique ways. Our Makgadikgadi Salt Pans Experiences do just this and are unlike anything else. The time for adventure is now. We can’t wait to welcome you.

For more Sleep-Out information and exclusive additions, kindly contact our team.