Book a Safari Voucher Now & Help Raise $10,000 for Local Community Projects

Join the CARES Movement by booking a safari voucher now and help us raise $ 10,000 for local Botswana community projects. 


The Covid-19 crisis has crippled the world economy and travel & tourism is one of the worst affected industries. In Africa, tourism provides a huge number of jobs and supports thousands of families. Botswana safari operator, Desert & Delta Safaris have initiated a unique opportunity for travellers to get incredible value for their safari, complete flexibility and most importantly – they have pledged to donate $10 of every $100 revenue they receive to help local farmers and communities living in wildlife areas.

While we wait for the travel sector to bounce back, this is an opportunity for future travellers to make an immediate impact while securing the best possible rate for their dream African safari.

“While tourism income is not coming in during this crisis, we are still committed to looking after our employees and their families. Every staff member has retained his or her job. However, community and conservation initiatives are also suffering, so we want to ignite the CARES Movement to stimulate bookings and help non-profit organisations continue their good work!” Explained Desert & Delta Safaris Marketing Director, James Wilson.

Join the CARES Movement and support Elephants Without Borders

Desert & Delta Safaris was the first Botswana based luxury safari group to establish itself on the international tourism map. What they are really proud of, though, is their company ethos in empowering local citizens. They pride themselves as first and foremost a local citizen development organization, operating a Responsible Travel company.

The initiative has been dubbed The Desert & Delta CARES Movement. Travellers may book a Botswana Safari voucher package at a special rate. The voucher is valid right up until the end of 2022 and the company will donate 10% of the revenue they receive from the Movement towards supporting conservation initiatives and local communities living around the National Parks and Game Reserves.

“We know that travel will come back very strong and an unspoilt, uncrowded wilderness destination like Botswana is the ideal place to visit. The package vouchers will allow travellers to decide whenever they wish to travel and can even be gifted to a friend or relative. This is the perfect opportunity for those who are passionate about travelling on safari and want to be able to see extra support for the good causes we are involved in at a time it is needed the most” said James.

The company runs by their CARES Philosophy, which represents the Community, Advanced Health Care, Responsible Travel, Equality & Spirituality. It’s clear they stand by their morals of care and empowerment for the people. The group have a dedicated company Doctor and Pastor and half of the all-citizen camp management teams comprise of women. The group was also the driving force behind Africa’s only all-female guiding team.

The company hopes to raise more than $10,000 and will be working with Botswana-based NGO Elephants Without Borders (EWB) in supporting the work they are conducting with the farmers and local communities in the Chobe Enclave of northern-Botswana.

The Chobe Enclave is a unique community surrounded on all sides by protected areas of Reserves and National Parks.  The area carries Africa’s greatest numbers of elephant and the huge concentration of these animals and other wildlife is the drawcard to the many high paying tourists that come to the area. For the local population, co-existing with this wildlife does not come without its challenges.

Elephants Without Borders has been at the forefront of conservation in Botswana, addressing immediate needs, while making long-term positive impacts for both wildlife and people. EWB’s project team, scientist Tempe Adams, PhD, and local conservationist Isaiah Mwezi (Izzy), dedicate their work to the Chobe Enclave communities, actively addressing human-elephant conflict. Izzy has a particular devotion to the project, as he was born and raised in Kavimba, a village central to the Enclave. Their constant consultation and assistance to the communities has had significant success in facilitating positive coexistence between wildlife and people.

EleSenses with ElephatS Without Borders

Issy (right) helping install an elephant deterrent system for local farmers in the Chobe Enclave

“A lot of EWB’s work also goes into education and awareness. We dedicate much of our time addressing community members about the importance of protecting and understanding wildlife. Information is a powerful tool that encourages people to be conservation-minded, but also helps keep them safe when encountering wildlife. Additionally, we monitor wildlife movements to maintain ‘corridors’ for animals to pass villages to access the Chobe River to drink. Elephants are far less likely to cause damage if they have uninhibited natural access to water,” explains Tempe.

Key to the project’s success, EWB’s ‘EleSenses’ toolkit is a user-friendly, low-cost, mobile, solar-powered mitigation system that protects both the local people and their crops, while potentially preventing elephants from conflict harm.  The tools have been tried and tested with substantial success and its popularity within the farming community is growing.

Vouchers for a 3-night Chobe Game Lodge package start at $2,360 per person or book a Green Season Discovery 6-night package voucher starting from $3,324 per person at a choice of any properties including charter flight connections to the properties. Purchasing a stay 8 pay 7-package voucher would raise enough to fund a full Elesenses Toolkit for a family’s ploughing field.

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Purcharse a Community & Conservation Package and support the CARES Movement

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Stay 8 and Pay 7 Package with Desert & Delta Safaris

“The farmers support their families and also the traditional way of life of the Subia people. We are encouraging more and more of our guests to immerse themselves in the cultural experiences Botswana has to offer. So looking after the Chobe Enclave community and their farmers is not an option but a must. Conservation and tourism partnerships like this can help preserve this amazing place and their people.” Explained James Wilson.

By booking a voucher and joining the Desert & Delta CARES Movement the company will keep you in regular communication with how and where the funds are being spent and the individuals from the community receiving the tools and support.

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