Our Environment

Every aspect of our operation is monitored in terms of its environmental impact, and we work hard to maintain high standards of environmental care.

Any combustible litter is burnt in a controlled area while all glass, plastic and cans are stored in animal-proof cages and removed by road to Maun for recycling.

Our primary waste-water flows into a series of above-ground, sealed water-treatment tanks. The end product is potable water that we use to irrigate our lawns and gardens. This water is tested on a regular basis.

Our energy requirements are met by a diesel generator, housed in a sound-proofed room built from fire-resistant materials. The exhaust runs through an underground drum in order to reduce emissions, and we limit our running hours as much as possible in order to reduce noise pollution. Our hot-water systems and kitchen stoves use gas, which is brought to the lodge by road in 48 kg cylinders. Batteries are stored and packaged separately, and waste oil is used to fuel a furnace, which heats water for the staff village.

Our water supply – for showering, washing and cooking – is drawn directly from the Okavango Delta, passed through a filter and is then ready to use! A naturally well-balanced ecosystem over the Kalahari sand, like this one, acts as an enormous filter that provides us with a natural source of pure water. Its quality is continually monitored and it is entirely safe to drink.

Bottled drinking water used to be brought in by truck from Maun, but to reduce our environmental footprint we now purify our borehole water with a recently installed state-of-the-art Reverse Osmosis (RO) system. The RO system runs this already safe and naturally filtered water through an additional set of filters to further purify it. The end result is water with TDS (total dissolved solids) of less than 5 ppm. In comparison, bottled mineral water is around 10 ppm, and the Okavango Delta river water is around 20 ppm. The level below which water is considered safe to drink is 500ppm. The tap water in the average American home has a TDS of around 350ppm.

Our continuous supply of hot water is provided by electric geysers.

We ask our guests to refill their water bottles (provided) as required from the water coolers in camp.

Please take care to respect this unique environment during your stay. The Guides will help you to make sure any litter is taken back to camp and disposed of properly.


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