Our People

Desert & Delta Safaris is one of the longest-established safari companies in Botswana. It is 100% Botswana-owned, and has been operating for over 32 years. 

Our people are what holds us together as a company, and play a formidable role in the delivery of our services to our guests. Desert & Delta Safaris has progressed in certain key areas which today stand out above the rest with regard to service delivery. These include staff wellness and citizen development strategies – training and promoting key staff members from within the company to fulfil vital management roles.

This is a special company as it embraces – not through lip service but through the actions of its people – the fundamentals of sustainable Eco-tourism. This story, an effort to introduce the company and its values to the guest, is told by the staff – the people on the ground who actually run the company. This is an up-close-and-personal insight into Desert & Delta Safaris, Botswana.

Desert & Delta Safaris has developed training programmes that have produced numerous leaders from the local community who are now employed in management positions throughout company.

With more than 400 citizen staff the company has over time made its mark on the Botswanan tourism industry as a trusted and quality-driven lodge operator. Chobe Game Lodge alone employs more than 100 citizen staff.

Desert & Delta Safaris is a wholly owned subsidiary of Chobe Holdings Limited, a tourism enterprise listed on the Botswana Stock Exchange that has allowed for a broad-based citizen shareholding of more than 1500 shareholders.

The company’s locally based procurement programme purchases from local producers or from local distributers wherever possible.

Having been established in the country since 1982, we are fortunate in having many long-serving staff. All our guides are local Batswana, recruited from nearby villages. Our longest-serving guide, John Kata of Camp Okavango, has guided within the Desert & Delta Safaris circuit since the company’s founding.


One of the core philosophies of Desert & Delta Safaris is, to quote the Group CEO, ’While we have large financial investments in property, buildings ...

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Every aspect of our operation is monitored in terms of its environmental impact, and we work hard to maintain high standards of environmental care.

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As Botswana's top safari operator, Desert & Delta Safaris is proud to hold several Travel & Tourism Accolades and enjoy a variety of press features.

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