Our Ethos

One of the core philosophies of Desert & Delta Safaris is, to quote the Group CEO, ’While we have large financial investments in property, buildings and equipment, vehicles, boats, engines and aircraft, by far our largest asset is our people’.

The larger part of our social responsibility programme therefore focuses on our staff who, in the main, come from relatively poor rural backgrounds.

Desert & Delta Safaris is conscious of the need to develop the human potential of the country’s citizens and a particular effort has been made to enhance skills within the company through an active and very successful skills development programme. Today a large proportion of Desert & Delta Safaris management staff are citizens of Botswana.

In response to the HIV/AIDS pandemic Desert & Delta Safaris has developed a far-reaching and integrated policy in partnership with various government agencies. This policy focuses on prevention, treatment and support as well as stigma reduction and community outreach. All staff who require ARV drugs are enrolled in the government’s comprehensive treatment programme.

Privileged to have many properties within Botswana’s National Parks and Game Reserves, Desert & Delta Safaris is committed to working with the Department of Wildlife and National Parks to ensure the preservation the unique habitats within both these and our private concessions.

Desert & Delta Safaris’ parent company, Chobe Holdings Limited, is the only tourism company listed on the Botswana Stock Exchange and provides a mechanism for the citizens of Botswana to own a stake in and play a real and meaningful role in the development of the country’s tourism resource.

The Wellness Program was initiated in 2002. The program began as an HIV/Aids Policy to assist those affected by this devastating disease. In 2004 the company was invited to partner with the International Labour Organisation, which is part of you United Nations, along with 13 other enterprises from a variety of industries in a pilot programme to address HIV workplace interventions. At the end of this programme the ILO recognised us as one of the best performing companies in the country in this vital area.


Desert & Delta Safaris is one of the longest-established safari companies in Botswana. It is 100% Botswana-owned, and has been operating for over 32 ye...

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Every aspect of our operation is monitored in terms of its environmental impact, and we work hard to maintain high standards of environmental care.

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As Botswana's top safari operator, Desert & Delta Safaris is proud to hold several Travel & Tourism Accolades and enjoy a variety of press features.

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